Keyboard Controls
Help can be available during the game by pressing F1.
Keys can been reconfigured.

L : Lock Target
Tab : AfterBurner, give a boost toward
BackSpace : RetroBooster, give a boost backward
Space : Use selected item, use - and = near the backspace key
A : Go to next NAV point ( Q on french keyboard ) when requested. It will warp one on the next battle theatre
0 and . : Rolling space ship.
+ and - : Select default speed.
Right Shift : Speed up
/ : Full Speed
Alt Gr : Fire with select weapons, can be select with 1 to 5 when ammo is exhausted, it will change a other weapons

Press C for communicate with your wingmen. Select an order. For
Attack this Target, lock a target before. For Request status, lock
one of your wingman. During network play, use T key to send messages.

F2 : Cockpit view
F3 : Cycle view clockwise
F4 : Cycle View
F5 : MiniCam (Rear view window)
F6 : NAV Point view
F7 : Missile view window

F1 : Help
I : HUD Display On/Off (faster for 3D acceleration)
T : Talk (Netchat)

TwinLaser : Small energy shoot
QuadLaser : Medium energy shoot. Used for dog fight
OctoLaser : Large energy shoot. Slower, but make a lot of damage
Freezer : Freezes any objects for few seconds
Missile : Missile Friend-Or-Foe. Need to lock the target.Excellent for dog fight
Torpedo : Super Missile . Quite long to lock . Not recommanded for dog fight but for large enemy base.

Ammo : Give more shoots for weapons
Cell : Add +25%
MegaCell : Restore all energy
Stealth : Invisibility. Enemy will not attack you for 20 seconds
SystemShield : Invicibility !
Cloak Device : Warp near to the nav point
BlackHole : Destroy everything around you