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Cross platform

For Linux users,
Download the No Gravity
(Combo Bin+Data - Win32/Mac/Linux only)
for Linux i386 package
and run the autopackage,


if you are an experienced user, recompiles the CVS version as follows :
Get the source from CVS.

cvs login
cvs -z3 co -P nogravity

cd nogravity/src/Linux

Configure the build (enabling SDL_mixer for sound).
./configure --enable-sound=sdl_mixer
(add --disable-opengl for forcing software rendering)
Build the binary.

Download the No Gravity
(Game Data only) for All (choose this option for Game Data),
unzip the package.
If this all succeeds,
now just copy NOGRAVITY.RMX into the src/Linux directory
and run ./nogravity.