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Cross platform

For MacOSX users, you need to do the following steps :
Download the No Gravity package for MacOS X v10.4 or later
then double click on the .DMG file and copy 'No Gravity' file into your Application folder.
PowerPC and x86 Mac are supported (Universal Binary).

For MacOS X 10.2.8 - 10.3.9 users:
Be sure to have OpenAL installed in /System/Library/Framework. OpenAL is a game sound library which is shipping in MacOS 10.4 and downloadable for previous systems (see Download page).

If you have a joystick, the game will let you to calibrate it.
For system requirements, any Mac built after 2001 should be able to run it without problems.

Save games and preferences are stored in /Library/Preferences/Realtech VR/No Gravity.