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Cross platform

For Windows users,
you need to do the following steps :

Download the No Gravity
(Combo Bin+Data - Win32/Mac/Linux only)
for Windows 2000/XP/DirectX 8 or later package and run the installer.


- Download the No Gravity (Binaries only)
for Windows 2000/XP/DirectX 8 or later and run it.
- Download the No Gravity (Game Data only)
for All (choose this option for Game Data),
- Unzip the package and copy NOGRAVITY.RMX into it
C:\Program File\Realtech VR\No Gravity folder

If you don't have Windows XP, you must have at least DirectX 8 or better installed and latest graphics driver installed. You need to have correct OpenGL drivers installed (OpenGL 1.4 compliant recommended). Check our application OpenGL Extensions Viewer for that matter.